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Coffee Shop Remodel Phase I

Wow what a whirlwind of a week. Can I please have a Mother’s Day weekend-do-over? It just went too fast. But life has been so fun lately! Our sweet 8 month old started crawling, we went away for a little vacation over the weekend, a Moana birthday party for our girl is happening this weekend […]

The Cutest Homestead

You guys my friend Rozalyn has the cutest little homestead. She and her husband run Backroads Inn & Cabins and are hosting our Giveaway this weekend. With that in mind I thought it would be fitting to share about her this week. Not only does she run a business, Rozalyn is a mother of two […]

Downstairs Bathroom Reveal

We absolutely loved having Forrester Remodeling help us with our second bathroom. It took off so much stress having them come in and do expert work and finishing. And best of all we are really pleased with the outcome. Here’s what we did. We gutted the nasty bathroom (see more progress pics here) and chose […]

About Becca

My name is Becca and all my life I dreamed of living in Portland and working for the FBI. Find out more about how I became that, and then how it all changed.

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